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Katja Roberts

Actor | Dancer | Singer





This Spring Katja will be playing the role of "Morticia Addams' in The Addams Family at Ohio Northern University.
Directed by Matt Simpkins 

Performance dates
April 27th-29th @ 7:30pm
April 29th-30th @ 2:00pm

Tickets can be purchased here 

Katja is an actor, dancer, and singer from St. Petersburg, Florida. She is a BFA student at Ohio Northern University majoring in Musical Theatre with a minor in social media. Katja works part-time for ONU’s School of Visual and Performing Arts creating content for the School’s Instagram, & Facebook. See her work on @Onutheatrearts

The legal name on her birth certificate is “Katherine,” but in 5th grade she decided she hated Katherine and told her 5th grade teacher her name was actually Katja, and she’s been Katja ever since..but she’s also often Kat and sometimes KatKat which she also loves.

Kat is a former competitive figure skater. She began skating competitively at the age of three and continued for the next 13 years until she gave it up to pursue performing on the stage instead of the ice. It’s unclear if her parents have forgiven her for it yet—ice skating is not an inexpensive endeavor—but Kat will make it up to them by thanking them in a Tony Award speech sometime later in life.


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